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Tavolara Island

Tavolara Island has an area of 5.9 sq. km. located in North-eastern Sardinia (Gallura), falls in the town of the province of Olbia Olbia-Tempio.

Tavolara consists of an imposing limestone massif of the sea, roughly rectangular in shape, long approx. 6 km and 1 km wide.

Rests on a granite bedrock that emerges in some parts, has a maximum height of 565 m and the ends are two areas of easier access.

The area on the west side of the island (Spalmatore di Terra) is oriented towards Sardinia, where are the poor in civil settlements on the island.

Were made of small docks for small boats that connect the island with the port of Porto San Paolo. The area on the east side, oriented towards the Mar  Tirreno is the Punta Timone, dividing two bays (respectively located in NW SE).

Tavolara island, is present in addition to the lighthouse at sea, also a NATO military base, run by the Italian Navy for telecommunications terrestrial long range and very low frequency wave.

The presence of man Tavolara is proved with certainty from the middle Neolithic, through the discovery of many discoveries found in the Grotta del Papa in Upper Palaeolithic Tavolara was connected to the mainland and the Island of Molara, but then with rising sea level, the continuing erosion exerted by waves and strong wind was separated, first by land and only ten thousand years ago from the nearby island of Molara.

The island during the Middle Ages was not inhabited, but used primarily as a defense military saw many strong present, after the year one thousand to Tavolara has settled a colony of pirates.

At the end of the eighteenth century, after all ' arrival of settlers from Genoa, there was a growing population on the island, up to a maximum of sixty people, the increase largely due to the arrival of Ponza fishermen in search of lobsters, then in the sixties, was abandoned Tavolara permanently.

At the end of the eighteenth century the family Bertoleoni, from Genoa, after initially lived on the island of Spargi and Mortorio, then settled on the island of Tavolara where he built his home and devoted himself to breeding wild goats.

The father Joseph Bertoleoni, during the visit on the island of the King of Sardinia Charles Albert, went to the king as king of the island, the king did not take seriously what he was told, unlike that at the end of Queen Victoria 'eight hundred officially recognized this kingdom, demonstrating both today at the palace Buckinghm palace in London, kept a photo of the royal family of Tavolara bearing the words: "The royal family of Tavolara, Newfoundland in the Gulf of Pausanias , the smallest kingdom in the world. "The last direct descendant of King Charles Bertoleoni, died at Olbia in 1993.

Tonino, the second descendant still lives in Olbia, while the current "king" is Charles II, an Italian owner of one of the island's restaurants, Da Tonino King Tavolara.

Tavolara Island falls within the protected marine park and marine Tavolara Capo Coda Cavallo, offering shelter to many species of nesting seabirds. Up to seventy Sarawak is reproduced the monk seal in the many caves and crevices present on site.

Bertoleoni The heirs of the family owners and part of the island, operating in the summer the only two existing restaurants on the island, in Tavolara month of July there is an important national film festival that attracts many tourists and film artists.